HyperStrong always puts the safety of the energy storage system in the first place, and builds core capabilities in multiple dimensions from system R&D, tests, verification, manufacture to engineering implementation.

HyperStrong has lots of independent intellectual property rights from cells to systems, including 200+ core technology patents and 70+ software copyright, covering BMS, battery system evaluation systems, thermal management simulation technology, remote monitor and big data analysis, etc.. HyperStrong uses advanced digital and intelligent technical methods to improve system safety and reduce system maintenance costs.

The experimental test center was established in 2016 with a total investment of more than 100 million RMB. It has the ability to conduct multi-dimensional test and verification of electricity, heat, force, and safety for BESS. The center has developed a complete battery digital technology system, battery management algorithm technology, and digital intelligent closed-loop verification technology system. Through the digital analysis of hundreds of domestic and foreign batteries, components,  and self-owned energy storage products, HyperStrong has established a database, which has been successfully applied to the company's power and energy storage products and projects exceeding 5GWh.