HyperSafe | HyperStrong's New Generation Solid-state BESS

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HyperStrong has developed and launched a new generation of solid-state BESS based on solid-state lithium iron phosphate batteries. The new solid-state battery system can be applied to residential buildings, energy storage power stations, and industrial and commercial applications.

Residential energy storage products adopt a single module with a nominal voltage of 51.2V and solid-state lithium-ion batteries of 45Ah. The low-voltage product has a capacity of 18 kWh, and the high-voltage product has a capacity of 27 kWh. It meets the safety requirements of residential users, and has intelligent attributes such as one-button start, online diagnosis, remote O&M.

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The liquid-cooled BESS cabinet adopts 280Ah lithium iron phosphate solid-state batteries. The nominal voltage is 1331.2V, the capacity is 3.354MWh, and the floor area is 20ft. By using liquid cooling pipeline design and intelligent temperature control technology, battery life is increased by 20%, and auxiliary power consumption is reduced by 20%.

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The liquid-cooled outdoor cabinet adopts 280Ah lithium iron phosphate solid-state batteries, and the maximum nominal energy of the high-voltage product is 372 kWh. The product adopts modularized design and can be built in hospitals, schools, business centers, etc.

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