Founded in November 2011, Beijing HyperStrong Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading energy storage system integrator and system service provider, providing one-stop overall solutions for the development, design, integration, and operation of energy storage power stations.

HyperStrong is a national high-tech enterprise, a national specialized small giant enterprise. The company has an experimental testing platform certified by CMA and CNAS. HyperStrong owns core technologies such as battery modeling, battery management, system integration, system verification, and intelligent operation and maintenance with independent intellectual property rights. Through advanced technology, it can effectively improve system security, prolong battery life, reduce system consumption and costs, and improve energy efficiency.


Leading Technology

HyperStrong has 15+ years of experience in the R&D and production of battery management systems. 

With 200+ core patents and 70+ software copyrights, the company realizes the digitalization of battery life cycle management.


Experienced Engineering

With 10+ years of experience in BESS design and application, HyperStrong completed 300+ projects, and deployed 10+ 100MW/200MWh shared BESS projects. HyperStrong has excellent project delivery capability with proven records recognized by end-users and customers.


Intelligent Manufacture

HyperStrong has four intelligent manufacture bases, with full-process quality control, automated production test, and flexible manufacture, to meet the high-quality requirements of all customers.


24/7 Service

HyperStrong provides every customer with professional technical support all the time. The company is committed to providing the best customer service 24/7.